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It would have been better if I had the guts to tell you how I felt I shouldn’t have waited all these time Now you will never be mine Cos your hers Whenever I saw you I felt so shy to approach you When I came close I felt…

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Toddler Shoes

   Again in a simultaneous jerk of my hands and legs in the air, my body came to life indefiance to the “stay-a-while-in-bed” desires of my heart as the unsonourous jingle of my alarm blared. With my head hanging with the weight of lost sleeps I wondered in awe as the usual silent resonance  from […]

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All Gone

Sorry for my irregular postings, school work has and is still accumulating. Nonetheless the show must go on, keep guard and expect more from me…thanks Meanwhile enjoy this free verse poem from a close friend and brother. Gone are the days, when we sang and danced under the moonlight, telling tales, tales ancient as the […]

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    Amazing can’t begin to classify this new, talented, remarkable artiste. Often mistaken for “phyno” because of their similar looks and flavour in using igbo in their works. Eezzy as he is popular called still has his own distinct flavour as he doesn’t only rap in an intense mix of igbo and english, he […]


Let’s meet half way

At halfway, The sun says good bye, As the moon sways by. At halfway, Winter’s cold chill fades, For warm spring glades. At halfway, Stalks of pride wither, When humblest hearts gather. At halfway, The love of power bows, To the power of love vows. At halfway, Forgiveness is practical, And resentment unethical. At halfway, […]

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The Language Within

Though not daily spoken, Hidden beyond the jugular, It is understood when not broken, And put out in particular. Deep within a strange land, It lights up when posed, To stand and understand, Not to be disposed. Aroused in swings unfamiliar,  Fostering motherly glow, It stands within a shade clear, And in eternity flow. In […]

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